Robert E. Stockwell Memories
   1Lt Robert E. Stockwell 416th Pilot

1Lt Stockwell, born in Indiana, transferred into the 671st Bomb Squadron in July of 1943.

May 1st the combat crew of Stockton, Jedinak, Foster and Rust teamed up for the first time for mission number 35. They flew one other bombing mission all together before that faithful mission on May 12th, 1944.

The crew of Stockwell, Jedinak, Foster and Rust first teamed up on May 1st, 1944. They flew one other bombing mission all together before that fateful mission on May 12th, 1944.

May 12, 1944, number 35 was the late mission of the day. Lt. Robert E. Stockwell was flying deputy lead in an A-20, serial number 43-10129 with crew B/N Lt. Albert Jedinak, and Gunners SSgt. Hollis A. Foster and SSgt. Egon W. Rust. While over the Amiens area, the ship received a direct hit through the open bomb bay doors and another burst in the tail section, causing the ship to crash over the No-Ball target. All crew were listed as MIA. "Two parachutes were seen to have opened, so it is believed that two of the crew are still alive," according to the 671st history.

Lt. Stockwell and SSgt Hollis A. Foster were KIA. Lt. Albert Jedinak and SSgt Egon W. Rust were taken POW.

Lt Stockwell is laid to rest at Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery in St Louis, Missouri