Merrill O'Neil
   Mr. O'Neil was born August 24, 1922 in Laramie, Wyoming. He came from a good patriotic American family and will proudly tell anyone that his father, Frank O'Neil served in WWI.

   He was a flight chief in the 669 Bomb Squadron of the 416th Bomb Group. He served as TSgt over 6 guys. They had 6 guys that looked after 4 airplanes. They took care of the machine gun and the bomb racks. He says the the enlisted men and the officers didn't get along real well. Officer Bond was the ordance officer. The officers went to the officers club and the enlisted men went to their own club for socializing.

   Mr. O'Neil discribes the A-20 and A-26 as twin engine bombers.

   After the war, Merrill married Ruth Ione Thomason and had two sons Doug and Kerry Lee who was killed in a truck accident in 1973. Doug and his wife, Sheila, were married for 41 years in 2010. Mrs. O'Neil passed away in 2003.

   Merrill has 2 brothers who served in the Navy during WWII.