Artist: Christian Dieppedalle

The 1782nd Ordnance Group was attached to the 394th Bomb Group. Also attached to the 394th Bomb Group was the 2146th Engineer Fire Fighting Platoon, the 320th Air Service Squadron and the 1025th Signal Company.

394BG Insignia
584BS Insignia
585BS Insignia
586BS Insignia
587BS Insignia

Following is a narrative on a mission by Arthur Artig. I believe that this story was included in one of the early Airscoops published by John Beale.

On March 2nd 1945, the 9th Air Force Bomber Command designated the 394th Bomb Group to attack and destroy the ordinance depot near the city of Giessen, Germany. The mission to be flown at 8-10,000 feet. The Bomb Group to be made of elements of the 584th, 585th, 586th and 587th Bomb Squadrons of 36 aircraft of B-26 Martin Marauders all carrying bombs. From the 586th, I was selected to be 1st pilot lead of 3 planes to carry anti-radar chaff/window foil. We were to fly 500 feet below the lowest Group flight and approximately one mile out in front essing back and forth dispensing the foil. No bomb load.

On one turn looking up in front, 4 ME 109’s, German Messerschmitt fighters, were attacking the Group. One fighter after the attack broke down to the right. I opened up with the four package guns - 50 caliber. Hit him. Saw smoke coming out , and I still kept firing until a P-38 Lightning fighter also attacked after I broke off. In the heat of the fight, I never even had the gun sight on . Lucky hits.

After debriefing target was destroyed , I reported to Group Intelligence of downing the MEIO9. On returning to Squadron, learned from the Armament Officer, Lt. Chuck Steinberg, that I had burned out all 4 barrels of the machine guns. I never remembered to give 2 second bursts but kept my finger on the trigger the whole time of the action.. I told the Armamnet Officer to replace the barrels after he, tongue in cheek and with a straight face, told me what I had done burning out the barrels.

Award given was a magnum bottle of champaigne brought down from Group Headquarters by Major Julian Jacobi of which my co-pilot, Tom Speer, and I couldn’t drink. No other commendation awarded nor inserted in my personal records. Co-pilot Thomas E. Speer will attest to this combat action being an eye witness and now living in Austin, Texas.

1st Lt. A.J. Artig, AO-715682

Information taken from

List of units using the B-26 Marauder during World War II
    394th Bomb Group

Location: European Theater

Bomb Squadrons:
    * 584th (1943-1946)
    * 585th (1943-1946)
    * 586th (1943-1946)
    * 587th (1943-1945)

    * MacDill Field, FL - 5 March 1943
    * Ardmore AAFld, OK - 12 July 1943
    * Kellogg Field, MI - 19 August 1943-15 February 1944
    * Boreham, England - 11 March 1944
    * Holmsley, England - 24 July 1944
    * Tour-en-Bessin, France 24 August 1944
    * Bricy, France - 8 October 1944
    * Cambrai, France - Oct 1944 May 1945
    * Venlo, Holland - 2 May 1945
    * Kitzgingen, Germany - Sep 1945 -15 February 1946

Reference: B-26 Marauder Archive, Pima Air and Space Museum
The 394th had over 200 B-26 marauders assigned to it.
They flew B-26’s until after the war ended. During September 1945 they transitioned to Douglas A-26 Inavders.

James D. Pascoe, Marauder Man
394th B. Grp
587th B. Sqd
Served April 1943 to Nov. 1945
After Armament School at Lowery and Flex Gunnery school near Fort Meyer, I was assigned to the 394 at Kellogg Field, and joined the Ted Kubala crew as tail gunner. After being shot down on April 21st 1944 I managed to evade capture till May 9th when I and two other American airmen, John Blangio of Boston and George Gannister of Birmingham Ala. were led into a trap in Lille and captured. As for the other members of the crew: Theodore E. Kubala, pilot: William G. Jones, copilot: and John A. Debell, nav/bombardier went down with the plane. flight engineer Dyvester W Schrieber, and radio man, George J Mahin were captured immediately.

D-Day bombers

Man and the might of machine attacked the coast of Normandy on June 6, 1944. The fearsome infantry would go on foot. The movement was much like a suicide attack as they had vertically no protection from the machine guns and cannons on shore. From the waters behind them, the Navy would back them by firing over their heads and the different bomb groups would help them from the sky by bombing concrete bunkers and machine gun nest hidden in the sand.

Bombers painted with white invasion strips so they could be indenfied by Allied flyers, wings overlapping other planes, filled the sky at daybreak just as the infantry was to hit the shore.

Many of those planes were shot down, falling due to flak attack and mid-air collisions, sending fly boys into the unsure gray of smoke and flying metal. Crews from other planes looked for parachutes from spiraling planes in their bomb groups. They recounted seeing the floating silk from B-26s at debriefing. They gave accounts of watching planes crash to the earth in firey flames. They mourned the loss of their good friends and brothers in arms.

The planes of the 394th Bomb Group who soared in gray sky in the largest freedom effort known to man are listed below.

D-Day 394th B-26s

42-96081 - 2 missions (Lucky Star)
42-96062 - 2 missions (War Horse)
42-107592 (Stinky)
42-96026 - 2 missions (Victory Read)
42-96067 (Firebird)
42-96226 - 2 missions (Pretty Polly)
42-96085 (El Salvo)
42-96271 - 2 missions
42-96072 - 2 missions (Dina Might)
42-96028 - 2 missions (Faith Prelude To Victory)
42-96061 (Heaven's Above)
42-96027 (Wingless Victory I)
42-96071 (Ish-Tak-Ha-Ba)

42-96113 (It Ain't Easy)
42-96036 - 2 missions
42-107604 - 2 missions
42-96035 - 2 missions
42-96227 - 2 missions
42-96221- 2 missions
42-96031 - 2 missions
42-107626 - 2 missions
42-96292 (Special Delivery)
42-107683 - 2 missions
42-96185 (Centenarian)
42-96099 (Slow Starter)

42-96040 (Mi Lei Fo)
42-96056 - 2 missions (Homesick Angel)
42-96207 - 2 missions
42-96037 - 2 missions
42-96195 - 2 missions (Barbara Ann)
42-96213 (Sheboygan Redskin)
42-96054 - 2 missions
42-96070 - 2 missions (Dinah Might)
42-96097 (Connecticut Yankee)

42-96049 - 2 missions (Pugnacious I)
42-96045 - 2 missions
42-107609 - 2 missions
42-96051 - 2 missions (Hannibal)
42-107628 - 2 missions (Hannibal Hoops)
42-96063 - 2 missions
42-96044 - 2 missions
42-96066 - 2 missions
42-96064 - 2 missions

Many thanks to the following for helping to compile the plane list and the 394th BG list:
  • Malcolm D Enlow
  • Elden Shook
  • J Guy Ziegler
  • Trevor Allen
  • Peter Wise
  • Brian Harrison
  • Mark Schuman
  • Brian Gibbons
  • Jim Fontana
  • Jerry Mason
  • Harold Gregory
    Also thanks to Donald L Spencer for many nose art pictures.
    Planes in the 394th Bomb Group:
    3 planes lost to enemy aircraft
    23 planes lost to anti-aircraft artillery
    26 planes lost to enemy action
    Serial NumberBS / Code Name of Plane Name of Pilot Notes
    *Mission list courtesy of Malcolm D Enlow
    41-17769586BSNite Mare
    41-18238584BS Joseph S Russial 
    41-18240584BS K5-  WilhiteACC 43-10-18 USA
    41-18241585BS Col. Charles D. Sonnkalb2 LAC 44-12-17 and 45-05-04 in USA
    41-18243586BS 1Lt Elmer Herron 
    41-34345584BS K5-  Robert A Greenwell
    1Lt William Runge
    2Lt Robert Day
    SSgt Noble Reynolds
    SSgt Raymond Boals
    Sgt Carl Coon
    Sgt Edsel Huffman
    CRL 44-12-02 R-54 BS 584
    AT-6D-NT "Texan" trainer
    41-34748584BS K5-  Lane 
    41-34762 Lights Out
    41-34770585BS Capt Sheldon H PierceCrew:
    CoPilot - 2Lt William M Lester
    2Lt Joseph E Murphy
    Cpl Paul W Banks
    Sgt Austin M Foley
    Sgt William C Williams
    MSgt Estel B Johnson (WWI Veteran)
    Crashed Jul 12, 1943, Port Vincent, Louisiana while on routine flight from MacDill Field, Florida to Harding Field, Louisiana. All 7 killed. Aircraft was flying low over trees when it caught fire.
    41-34837586BS John A KilmartinW/o 2 Jun 1943 at Avon Park Bombing Range, FL
    430602 B-26C 41-34837 480BS 336BG Avon Park Bombing Range, FL LACMF - Landing Accident due to Mechanical Failure 4 Kilmartin, John A USA FL Avon Park Bombing Range, FL
    MARTIN B-26C-5-MA MARAUDER (179)
    41-35009584BS K5-E Kiziyo Pofoth
    2Lt John M LafertyCrew:
    CoPilot - 1Lt William McKay
    B/N - 2Lt John Therkeldsen
    Engineer/Gunner - SSgt DD Rowe
    Radio/Gunner - SSgt John Paulus
    Armorer/Gunner - Cpl Gray
    To ASG 45-05.
    41-35009584BS K5-RDonald Duck
     The other side of 41-35009 K5-E, later K5-R after returning from ASG depot. Photo taken by Jack Laydon
    41-35057584BS Harvey N Wilberg 
    41-35111587BS 1Lt Earl BradleyCrew:
    CoPilot - 2Lt Montague B Waterhouse
    B/N - 2Lt James E Lee
    Radio/Gunner - Sgt Troy C Lisenby
    Engineer/Gunner - Sgt Howard Molyneaux
    Gunner - Sgt Ernesto Ornelos
    Gunner - TSgt Claude C Griffin
    Crashed vicinity of Kellogg Field - Ornelos and Griffin only survivors.
    41-35156584BS John F McGuinnis 
    41-35275584BS K5-  Flint 
    41-35282584BS K5-  O'NeilACC 45-02-12 Unit 434 BU transfer?
    41-35285584BS K5-  Tosi 
    41-35331584BS K5-  Wilberg  
    41-35345   Pilot - 1Lt Warren H BuhlerCrew:
    CoPilot - 1Lt Grant C Potter
    B/N - 2Lt Robert L Hyack
    Radio/Gunner - TSgt Jeremiah R Skinnick
    Gunner - SSgt Nelson P Colberg
    Gunner - Sgt Victor A Peterson
    Engineer/Gunner - Cpl Chester Macke
    41-35356584BS K5-  Unassigned 45-05
    41-35358584BS Sexy Betsy
    41-35365584BS 2Lt Martin L HarperCrew:
    CoPilot - 2Lt Stuart E Freeman
    B/N - 2Lt Edwin Stanton
    Engr/Gunner PFC Claude R Bray
    Radio/Gunner - SSgt Cecil D Wheary
    Armorer/Gunner - Cpl John C Kruska
    2Lt Robert L Brugman
    41-35782  Vicious Ella Wishes
    George E FairbanksCrew:
    CoPilot - 1Lt Russell Deever
    B/N - Melvin Ott
    Gunner - Bill Boveri
    Gunner - Walter Boychuck
    White spot on its tail meant that the 394th used it as a “courier plane”
    crashed near Ath/2mi NE Belgium on Apr 14, 1945
    42-10628587BSBlack Jack Curtiss P-40L-5-CU Warhawk
    42-34203584BS K5-  Drummond 
    42-38236587BS 5W-K   
    42-43320586BS Maj Clarence A HowardCrew:
    CoPilot - LtCol Charles D Sonnkalb
    B/N - Capt Francis R Meinke
    Capt Oliver J Harris
    Engineer/Gunner - SSgt Elmer D Fox
    42-67837584BS K5-  SchroederLockheed P-38J-10-LO Lightning
    42-68069584BS K5-  HuebnerLockheed P-38J-10-LO Lightning
    42-95933587BS  Lost due to fighter fire. MACR 12838
    42-96021585BS 4T- She's A Comin II  
    42-96024584BS K5-  Karlberg BS 584
    42-96026584BS K5-BVictory Read
    Lt Owen ReederMission 5-2-44 : abortive
    Mission 6-6-44 : Benerville gun positions
    68 Missions - Retired 8/5/1944
    Lt George Domblazer - Co-Pilot
    Lt Everly Crouser - Bombardier
    James T 'HotFoot' Ray - Tail Gunner

    Rex Merriman - Crew Chief
    42-96027584BS K5-A Wingless Victory I
    Capt. Laurence R. HarperCo-pilot - Lt Davis
    B/N - 1Lt James C. Harrison
    Engineer/Gunner - TSgt James P. Kelley, Jr
    Radio/Gunner - TSgt Stuart Ottenheimer
    Tail Gunner - SSgt Ralph Pagano
    Crashlanding July 44
    42-96028584BS K5-OFaith, Prelude to Victory

    Capt. Jerome R. TosiCrew:
    CoPilot - 2Lt John E Kline
    B/N - 1Lt Edward Stanton
    Gunner - SSgt James Devlin
    Gunner - SSgt Roy Swanson
    Gunner - SSgt Trevett Dickson
    Hit by flak 4-12-44, Capt Tosi was injured in left hand by shattered glass over St Omer, France. CoPilot Kline was killed and Capt Tosi managed to land at their base.
    To ASG Aug 44
    42-96029585BS Capt Frank MeeCrew:
    1Lt Robert West
    2Lt Mark Pink
    SSgt John Monahan
    Sgt Dana Hastie
    SSgt Edward Hunter

    AAA April 20, 1944 MACR 4217
    42-96030585BS 4T-B 42-96030
    1st Lt Francis M. Kirby Damaged in battle on or about April 12, 1945 condemned May 1945
    To 320 ASS 44-08-04. salvaged 45-05
    42-96031585BS 4T-H HaleBOEF 44-12-13 - Modave/BEL
    Abandoned by crew Dec. 13, 1944
    42-96032585BS 4T-F Lt William T White, JrCrew:
    CoPilot - 2Lt Albert Cox
    B/N - 2Lt Charles C Jones
    Gunner - SSgt Donald A Krogman
    Engr/Gunner - SSgt Eugene A Piatti
    Radio/Gunner - TSgt Kenneth E Daley
    Crashed April 8, 1944, complete loss.
    42-96033585BS  Shot down by AAA 8-28-44
    42-96034585BS 4T-O  Aug. 15, 1944 sent to 320th service squadron battle damage
    42-96035585BS 4T-D   Aug 27, 1944 sent to 2nd TAD
    42-96036585BS 4T-KPatchesLt Palmer
    Lt Robert McCallum
    Flown by F.O. Hancock mission #1111 Aug. 15, 1944
    sent to 320 ASS battle damage
    42-96037587BS  To 320 ASS Aug 9, 1944
    42-96039586BS2. More Poontang
    3. More & More Poontang
    4. Enough Poontang
    Junior D MurfieldCrashed near Boreham/Sta 161 England on Apr 20, 1944
    42-96040586BS H9-NMi Lei Fo

    Mi Lei Fo
    2nd Lt Barton H. Abbott2nd Lt Donald H. Cooper - CoPilot
    2nd Lt Wallace T. Hembrough, Jr. - Bomb/Nav
    Wallace E. Airhart - Engineer/gunner
    Albert J. Diluzio- Wireless Operator and Waist Gunner
    Sgt William Arthur Badders - Radio/gunner
    Sgt William Ampolas, Jr. - Armorer/gunner
    Shot down by fighters Feb. 21, 1945 MACR 12590
    *Note: Guerino (Reno) Del Pesco was the Navigator on this ship and was in it when it was shot down. We are trying to correct the rest of the record, if necessary.
    Dick Ayres did the nose art, a picture of a laughing Buddha
    42-96042586BS Capt Elmer Gedeon (a well known, professional baseball player with the then Washington Senators) Crew:
    CoPilot - 2Lt James Taaffee
    B/N - 2Lt Jack March
    Engineer/Gunner - SSgt Joseph Kobret
    Radio/Gunner - Sgt John Felker
    Gunner - Sgt Ira E Thomas
    Gunner - Pvt Charles Atkinson.
    Shot down by AAA April 20, 1944 on Mission No. 13, a 36 plane mission to destroy construction works at Bois de Esquerdes, France.
    Lt. Taaffe survived and was taken prisoner. All other members of the crew, including Captain Gedeon, were killed.
    42-96043587BS 5W-BWabbit Twacks
    Lt. Francis L. Buswell, Jr.Crew:
    CoPilot - Lt. Donald R. Firshing
    Bombardier - Lt. Wade Cornelius
    Radio/Gunner - SSgt George E. Curtis, Jr.
    Engineer - Sgt. Thomas H. Lamb
    Gunner - Sgt. Laurence E. Knapp
    Completed 65 missions.
    42-96044587BSGremlin's Delight
     2Lt Russell ClevengerCrew:
    CoPilot - Gallagher
    B/N - William J Williams
    Radio/Gunner - Sgt Clinton E Blair
    Gunner - Sgt William Delano
    Engr/Gunner - Sgt Howard Mankins
    Ground Crew:
    SSgt Neil Dhein
    Pre-flight: Drain the fuel glasses to make sure there was no water in them, Walk the props through, Start the engines and run them up, and Check instruments including the magnetos.
    98 missions. Lost by mid air collision.
    Collided with 43-34228 Feb. 25,1945 on mission to Vlotho Railway Bridge near Munster, Germany
    42-96045587BS  To 320 ASS 44-08-04 Battle damage.
    42-96046587BS 5W-J Booby Trap I
    42-96047587BSThe Flying Dutchman I
    Commander - Capt William R (Bill) Schulte (Kentucky) Burtin Pierce, Co-Pilot
    Lt. Harvey Watson, Navigator
    TSgt John B. Perry, Radio/Gunner
    SSgt Russell Prosser, Flight Engineer
    Sgt Charles Carson, Tail Gunner
    George Hutson, Crew Chief
    The mission of April 22, 1944 was considered a rough one. Of the eleven planes dispatched from the squadron, ten were severely damaged by flak. Capt William H Shultz was the group formation leader and as the bombing run was reached, one engine was shut out. The Flying Dutchman continued to lead the formation over the target and after the bombs were dropped he relinquished the lead to his deputy and then dropped out of the formation. The remarkable leadership is seen to be all the more remarkable, by the fact that the photos show the bombing to be excellent. Schulte has been recommended for award.
    To 320 ASS 44-08-02 Battle damage.
    Nose art designed and drawn by John B Perry. It was so named because the pilot, Schulte, was of Dutch descent.
    394th Bomb Group, 587th Squadron, circa May, 1944, Chelmsford, England
    Left to right: Schulte, Watson, Pierce
    Schulte, the pilot, was sent back to the ZI shortly after having being diagnosed with tuberculosis.
    42-96049587BS 5W-MPugnacious I
    1st Lt William A. WilkinsonCrew:
    CoPilot - 1Lt. Leslie N. Hood, Jr.
    Bombardier - 1Lt. Andrew Dunne, Jr.
    Radio/Gunner - TSgt. Victor C. Maruszewski
    Engineer/Gunner - SSgt. Frederick O. Moyers
    Tail Gunner - SSgt. Carl F. Conway
    Shot down by AAA Feb. 21, 1945 on a mission to Vlotho Railway Bridge at Kinderhaus near Muenster, Germany MACR 12560
    42-96050587BS 1Lt. Witcher T. BurgerCrew:
    CoPilot - 1Lt. Warren D. Rogers
    Toggelier - Sgt. Alfred M. Zussa
    Engineer/Gunner - SSgt. Edward H. Monaghan
    Armorer/Gunner - SSgt. George S Knight
    Radio/Gunner - Cpl. Forrest W. Paffenburg
    Collided in bad weather with 41-96263 over County of Kent, England. Crashed into a house in Gillingham killing all of the crew June 6, 1944
    42-96051587BS 5W-CHannibal
    Lt Robert U Gaines, JrCrew:
    CoPilot - Frank Schoonover
    Bombardier - Frederick K. Heidemann
    Engineer/Gunner - Harold W Klahr
    Radio/Gunner - MSgt Ferdinand Wright
    Tail Gunner - SSgt Gervais Jarmer
    Crew Chief - Harry Dasen
    To 320 ASS Aug 15, 1944, Battle damage.
    42-96053586BS H9-G  Shot down by flak near Munster, Germany Feb. 21, 1945
    42-96054586BSCheryl Babe
    1Lt Marvin SourlockCrew:
    Co-Pilot - 2Lt Robert Ball
    B/N - 2Lt William P Kiesecker
    Gunner - SSgt Harry Paboojian
    Gunner - SSgt Walter Kuester
    Gunner - SSgt Hiram Tompkins
    Battle damage and belly landing June 13, 1944. Total loss.
    42-96056587BS 5W- Homesick Angel
     Nose Artist - Dick Ayers
    In ground accident while parked at Tour-en-Bessin Airfield A-13 Basse-Normandie france Oct 21, 1944. Damaged by explosion of B-26F 42-96267 which crashed on takeoff and its bombs exploded. Aircraft was destroyed.
    42-96057585BS K5-R Kitten

    CoPilot - 1Lt David Lawton
    Toggelier - SSgt Andrew Lynch
    Engr/Gunner - SSgt Richard Alyward
    Radio/Gunner - SSgt George Wolff
    Armorer/Gunner - SSgt Theodore Pollack
    ACC 44-12-02 A-74
    Crashed near Guisse Dec. 2, 1944
    42-96058  Capt James JoyCrew:
    CoPilot - 2Lt John Johnson
    Toggelier - Sgt William L Edge
    Radio/Gunner - SSgt Louis I Watts
    Engineer/Gunner - SSgt Harold J Maynard
    Armorer/Gunner - Pvt Joseph J Houlihan
    Shot down by AAA May 10, 1944
    42-96059587BS 5W-L McCannonAug 17, 1944 to 320 ASS Battle damage.
    42-96060584BS K5-  1Lt Harvey N Wilberg Crew:
    CoPilot - 2Lt Dorman S Baker
    B/N - 2Lt James Chapman
    Gunner - TSgt Edwin F Forrest
    Engineer/Gunner - SSgt Odis L Muse
    Gunner - SSgt Harvey M Note
    CRL 44-04-13
    42-96061584BS K5-P Heaven's Above
    2nd Lt Fred E Riegner, Jr - KIAMission 6-22-44 : Cherbourg fuel/ammo dump
    584th Bombardment Squadron
    108 Missions
    MIA Dec 23, 1944 over Rommersheim, Germany MACR 11402
    Photo courtesy of B-26 Marauder Archive, Pima Air and Space Museum
    Second photo: Jerry and Mary Ann (Bach) Mason

    2nd Lt Lester D. Folwell - CoPilot - Survived and POW
    Togglier SSgt Herman Paul Brueggeman - KIA
    Sgt T.J. Bell - KIA
    Sgt Jeremy H. Mendelsohn - KIA
    and Sgt Wilson E Voormis, Jr - survived
    42-96062584BS K5- War Horse

    War Horse Flight Jacket

    War Horse Crew Reunion
    Lt. Kersey
    To ASG 44-07-18
    42-96063587BS Lt John DeanCrew:
    CoPilot - 1Lt James V Roy, Jr
    B/N - 1Lt Clifford W Woodard
    Radio Gunner - Jerry F Shinnick
    Engineer Gunner - SSgt Robert P Scott
    Tail Gunner - Sgt Bruce S Coe
    To 320 ASS 44-08-9
    42-96064587BS Thumper I
    Buzz BuhlerCrew:
    CoPilot - Cliff Potter
    B/N - Bob Hyack
    Armorer/Gunner - Jerry Schinick
    Engineer/Gunner - Wilber Francescoto
    Radio/Gunner - Nelson Clober
    Mission 11 - To 320 ASS 44-08-14
    42-96065586BS H9-M  Lost: May 8, 1944
    42-96067584BS K5-K Fire Bird
    Capt. Joseph F. RussialCrew:
    CoPilot - 2Lt. Deluar F. George
    B/N - SSgt. L.D. Hayes, Jr
    Radio Gunner - TSgt. William B. Hewitt
    Engineer Gunner - TSgt. Leslie I. Young
    Tail Gunner - SSgt. Weston D. Archbold
    Mission 3-26-44 : Ijmuiden E-boat pens
    Lost in Germany April 16, 1945
    BS 584
    42-96068584BS K5-J Super Baby
    Lt Harold E Chasteen
    Clint Palmer
    Mission 4-11-44 : Charleroi marshalling yards
    Mission 4-26-44 : Ghislain
    Mission 5-28-44 : Liege/Seraing bridge
    584th Bombardment Squadron
    68 Missions
    CRL 44-07-18
    Otto Lee Friend
    Crew Chief: TSgt George P Krejci
    Cpl Joseph P Bach
    John C ConnellyCrew:
    CoPilot F/O Preston B Fulgham
    SSgt Leslie A Phillips
    Sgt Abram T Chalmers
    Sgt George O Roth
    Sgt Norman M Raschella
    Crashed on takeoff near Boreham/Sta 161 England, Mission 53, May 31, 1944
    42-96070584BS K5- Dinah MightO'Neil 
    42-96071584BS K5-Q Ish-Tak-Ha-Ba
    Lt. M. H. FrymanNamed for an Indian Chief, also known as Chief Sleepy Eye, named by Farrell who was from Sleepy Eye, MN. Farrell commissioned a Frenchman to paint the Native American nose art.
    Crew Chief: Paul E Fast
    CoPilot: Joseph Edward Farrell
    B/N: James Chapman
    Richard 'Dick' Brown
    Mission 5-4-44 : Ault gun positions
    Mission 5-12-44 : Wimereaux/Boulogne
    Mission 5-28-44 : Mantes/Gassicourt RR Bridge
    CRL 45-01-09 after hitting telephone pole
    42-96072584BS K5-CDina Might
    1st Lt George B Beckes
    1Lt Pitsy McCummis
    John C Kruska - Crew Chief
    Mission 5-24-44 : La Pernelle/Barfleur guns
    Mission 5-30-44 : Rouen Bridge
    Mission 6-1-44 : Mont Fleury gun positions
    F/O Jack L Hancock co-pilot
    1st Lt Harry C Huber
    S/Sgt Malcolm D Enlow engineer/gunner
    Sgt Bernard Leroy Oligschlaeger - Radio/Gunner
    Sgt Samuel S. Tavoni Jr. - Replacement Crewman He flew as a turret gunner on 30 missions from Cambrai, France, before being wounded by flak on March 20, 1945.
    McGuinnis - To ASG November 1944
    42-96073584BS K5-N42-96073
    Capt Frank V PurcellCoPilot - 1Lt Edward W Brown
    B/N - 1Lt David E Thom
    Radio/Gunner - TSgt David W Feldman
    Engr/Gunner - SSgt Willard A Stein
    Armorer/Gunner - Sgt Howard P White
    MIDAIR 44-05-17
    42-96074585BS 4T-N  To ASG 44-10
    42-96075586BS BledsoeRef Mission 102 (MDE)
    42-96077584BS K5-FLadies Delight

    1Lt Henry Robert Hathaway, Jr.
    1Lt Maurice Kersey
    Lt. George Backes
    584 Bombardment Squadron
    Mission 6-20-44 : Houlgate gun positions
    Mission 6-24-44 : Cherbourg gun positions
    Mission 6-25-44 : Foret de Senonches
    Mission 7-6-44 : St Hilaire/Vire railroad
    Mission 7-8-44 : Caen City
    Mission 7-9-44 : Bourth railroad bridge
    Crashed near Laon/A-69 France, TOAC 44-12-03 A-69
    1Lt Lloyd RinkelAAA 22/4/44 NM of Abberville MACR 4602
    BS 587
    2Lt Arthur Peterson - CoPilot
    2Lt Louis Lynch - Bombardier
    Tail Gunner - SSgt James Lehmann - POW
    Engr/Gunner - Sgt William Gomeringer - POW
    Radio/Gunner - Sgt Kenneth Horrigan - POW
    42-96080585BS 4T-C The Flying Dutchman II2Lt. Charles L KeeCrew:
    2Lt. Frank W Ramsey - CoPilot
    2Lt. Sam Singer - B/N
    SSgt. Van B Hemeter - Engineer/Gunner
    SSgt. Milton P Stoll - Radio/Gunner
    SSgt. William L Nix - Armorer/Gunner
    August 9, 1944 the plane was hit by flak, crashed and exploded 30 miles northwest of Le Mans, France.
    Shotdown 44-08-09 MACR 9206
    42-96081584BS K5-D Lucky Star

    Col. Thomas B. Hall 584 Bombardment Squadron
    Plane had T.B. Hall painted on the side
    Mission 4-18-44 : Dunkirk gun positions
    68 missions - Went missing on the of February 11, 1951
    Capt John D. Frazer
    Capt David L. Nelson
    Lt Andrew Joseph Blount - lead bombardier / navigator
    SSgt Paul L. Smiley
    Crew Chief: SSgt Randolph Picou
    CRL 44-08-26. to Sub Depot 45-03
    42-96085584BS K5-M El Salvo
    1Lt Dan BusseyMission 6-4-44 : Mont Fleury gun positions
    44 Missions
    CRL 44-06-12 Hydraulic system shot out over enemy territory.
    42-96086587BSPurgatoryLt. Theodore E. KubalaApril 21, 1944 - 14th mission: Hit by flak in right engine, caught fire, went into a spin, and the wings came off before crashing.
    1.Lt Theodore E Kubala - KIA
    2.Lt William G Jones - KIA
    F/O John A Debell - KIA
    S/Sgt George J Mahin - POW
    S/Sgt Sylvester W Schreiber - POW
    Sgt James D Pascoe - POW
    42-96089585BS 4T-   To 320 ASS 04-08-44 battle damage
    42-96094587BS 5W-    
    42-96097586BS H9-A Connecticut Yankee
    Thomas H. Galligan Ref Mission 100 (MDE)
    42-96098584BS K5-  KennedyTo ASG 45-05.
    42-96099585BS 4T-L Slow Starter
    Lt. Mike PinyardNose Art: Sgt. Ayers
    85 Missions
    42-96101585BS 4T-NMy Aching BackCapt Darrell R Lindsey - KIA (MOH)CoPilot - Lt Arthur Erbe
    GEE Navigator - Lt Gerald Hyson
    B/N - Lt Harley R Hooper
    1Lt William Smith- POW
    Radioman/Gunner - TSgt Richard E Wylie
    Radio/Gunner - Sgt Perla R Fees
    Tail Gunner - Sgt Albert P Lawson
    Gunner - Sgt Perla Fees, Jr
    Lost 44-08-09 MACR 7847
    Nose art of an overburdend donkey drawn by Frank Spranger
    42-96103585BS 4T-P 1Lt Julian BlountEngines failed BOEF 44-12-09 - Louppy/FRA
    42-96105585BS 4T-  1Lt. Jack M. McGregorCrew:
    2Lt Edward G. Coughlin
    2Lt. William Perry, Jr.
    SSgt. Beck
    SSgt. Alessi
    SSgt. Tony Radice
    Hit by flak Aug 2, 1944 - To 320 ASS 44-08-02 CRL
    42-96106585BS  Capt Darrell R Lindsay 
    42-96107585BS 4T-    
    42-96113585BS 4T-J It Ain't Easy
    1Lt Gerald E StapletonShot down by AAA Aug. 7, 1944 MACR 7652
    1Lt John Kriegen
    1Lt Wynn B Gilbert
    Walter S Hilliard - Tail Gunner
    SSgt Meyer 'Mickey' Feldman - Engineer / Turret Gunner
    Robert W Cheshire - Gunner
    SSgt G Hudson - Ground Crew Chief
    42-96117585BS 4T-A  Capt. Raymond McCracken1st Lt Francis M. Kirby
    Shot down bt AAA June 12, 1944 MACR 6050
    42-96137587BS  1Lt Lloyd R Sparks
    42-96139584BS K5-M Braden
    Lt Jack Logan
    LAC 44-12-24 A-72
    Transfer to 397/597BS?
    42-96143587BS 5W-W   
    42-96169584BS Photo
     Crew Chief: Herb Willett
    42-96173584BS K5-LWolf Pack
    Capt Eugene Linder Karlberg Crew:
    CoPilot - 2Lt Wendell Wayne Wood
    B/N - 1Lt Herbert J Miller
    B/N - 2Lt Foy R Weaver
    Engineer/Gunner - SSgt George Below
    Radio/Gunner - SSgt Bernard J Flynn
    Armorer/Gunner - SSgt Cecil R Dennis
    Crew Chief: Sgt Harry Green
    Damaged by flak and fighters, Crashed 45-02-03
    42-96180584BS K5-P Capt Robert L VanceCrew:
    CoPilot - 2Lt John G Prickett
    B/N - 2Lt Arnold L Sundal
    Engineer/Gunner - SSgt Weldon W Ballew
    Radio/Gunner - SSgt Robert A Sutter
    Armorer/Gunner - SSgt Richard C Johnson
    Mission 4-28-44 : Mantes/Gassicourt M/Y's
    Lost 44-05
    42-96185585BS 4T-SCentenarian

    1Lt Robert P GibbsCrew:
    CoPilot - 1Lt Robert B Gaver
    B/N - 1Lt Andrew Joseph Blount
    Engr/Gunner - Francis Bussell
    Radio/Gunner - Hansen
    Armorer/Gunner McDonald

    Plane flew approximately 125 missions.
    Top photo taken from "Fragile Lass", Ship #44-67812, by James T Ray on his last ride, April 3, 1945. Contributed by Jim Diffie.
    42-96195586BS 4T-PBarbara Ann

    1Lt Robert WinklerCrew:
    CoPilot - Jacobi
    B/N - 2Lt John Sherry
    Engineer/Gunner - TSgt Carl Killmon
    Radio/Gunner - Sgt Rocco Tiralli
    Gunner - Christopher
    42-96198586BS H9-Z   
    42-96202584BS K5-   To 320 ASG 44-08-20
    42-96204584BS K5-    
    42-96206587BS 5W-OThumper II
    Capt Don Lash
    Capt Clifford Piper
    1Lt Edwin Stinnett - CoPilot
    1Lt Cannon - Bombardier
    1Lt John Duffey - Navigator
    Morris Woodrow Bailey - Radio Operator
    TOAC 45-02-09 A-74
    On 8th February 1945 when landing at B-85, the nose wheel collapsed.
    42-96207586BS George W Clearwater, JrMidair-Collision, Crashed near Epinoy/A-75 France Dec 18, 1944
    *See 43-34212 - Mid-air collision
    42-96210587BS 5W-PThe Belle of Pergatory
    © Christian Dieppendale

    The Belle of Pergatory

    1st Lt. Howard Hartley - KIA 6/14/442nd Lt. William White, Co-Pilot
    2nd Lt. Charles F. Waddell, Bombardier
    SSgt. James Picard, Gunner
    SSgt. Lyman Cameron, Gunner/Engineer
    TSgt. Elmer Neis, Radioman
    Shot down by AAA June 14, 1944 MACR 6194
    42-96211586BS K5-L CockTo ASG 45-05.
    42-96213586BS H9-C Sheboygan Redskin
    1Lt Eber J. ArnoldCrew:
    2Lt John Sherry
    2Lt Robert Turner
    Gunner - SSgt Donald Bergeron
    Radio / Waist Gunner - SSgt Reuben Hartje
    Tail Gunner - Sgt Lewis 'Red' Guernsey
    Flew at least 79 missions. Shot down by AAA March 22, 1945 MACR 13040 - 35th Mission - The 3 Gunners survived and were taken prisoner.
    42-96221585BS 4T-T Sassy Lassy1Lt Donald M IhleCrew:
    1Lt Leonard Collen
    2Lt Buford Brown
    TSgt Walter T Scheafer
    SSgt Eugene B Klinzing - Tail Gunner
    SSgt Ralph Weting
    Shot down by AAA Aug. 7, 1944 MACR 7853
    42-96223584BS K5-  McGuinnisTo ASG 44-11
    42-96224585BS 4T-F 2nd Lt Benjamin W Lowell August 7, 1944 - Crashed in the vicinity of Lisieux, France and immediately burst into flames. Their bombing mission was to bomb the bridge at Nogent-sur-Seine.
    Lost 44-08-07 MACR 7658
    2nd Lt Harlow Truman
    S/Sgt John Cavallaro
    Sgt Harold Sweet
    S/Sgt Ernest Bishop
    Cpl Albert Hajciar
    All were listed as missing in action except S/Sgt Bishop who became a prisoner of war.
    42-96226586BS H9-S Pretty Polly
     Left formation under control with engine on fire Feb. 14, 1945
    Lost 45-02-14 MACR 12345
    42-96227585BS 4T-   Capt Lindsay
    Capt Pithyerd
    42-96228584BS K5-T HurleyTo ASG 45-05.
    42-96243587BS 5W-   From 320 ASS 44-08-13
    42-96249587BS 2Lt Thomas F. Jenkins KIA
    2nd Lt Walter Winter KIA
    S/Sgt William Hoeb KIA
    S/Sgt Ralph Parker KIA
    Sgt George Rogers KIA
    Sgt Edward Baily KIA
    Collied with 42-107592 over Battle, Sussex and crashed June 6, 1944, all crew of 42-96249 killed, all crew of 42-107592 killed except pilot
    42-96252586BS H9-  Harold S TullerCrashed due to engine failure near Cambri/A-74 France, Dec 23, 1944
    42-96255586BS H9-PMiss Manookie
    Thomas Craddock Howard - Dallas, Tx CoPilot - David Hollice Hughes
    B/N - Burdge
    Engineer/Gunner - Atkins
    Radio/Gunner - Charles Rogers
    - Armorer/Gunner - Orville Vaughan McDaniel
    1st Photo courtesy of B-26 Marauder Archive, Pima Air and Space Museum
    42-96257587BS 5W-K  Abandoned by crew over English Channel Jul 30, 1944
    42-96263587BS Spook
    2Lt Claude W Kline, JrCrew:
    CoPilot - 2Lt Emil F Ostrowsky
    Toggelier - Sgt Boris R Selinsky
    Radio/Gunner - SSgt Raymond F Sablatura
    Armorer/Gunner - SSgt Joseph Amato
    Engr/Gunner - SSgt James F Bechtler
    Collided in bad weather with 42-96050 over County of Kent, England. Crashed into an orchard at East Court Farm, Gillingham killing the entire crew June 6, 1944
    42-96267584BS K5-U 1Lt Howard I DavisSSgt Harold Noelting
    Mission 6-5-44 : Abortive
    Mission 6-7-44 : Vire marshalling yards
    Mission 6-13-44 : St Martin Lieux fuel dump
    Crashed near Tour-en-Bessin/A-13 France, Oct 21, 1944
    42-96271584BS 4T-V2Lt. Frank W Ropke, JrBS 584
    Mission 6-8-44 : St Lo marshalling yards
    Mission 6-10-44 : Avranches gun positions
    Mission 6-12-44 : Conflans railroad bridge
    Mission 6-17-44 : Senonches fuel dump
    2Lt. Richard Robbe - CoPilot
    2Lt. Wesley Smith, Jr. - Bombardier
    Sgt. Benjamin Oss - Engineer
    Sgt. Paul E. Rose - Radioman
    Sgt. Harold Lester - Gunner
    Crashed near Orleans-Bricy/A-50 France, Aug 08, 1944
    (584th Bs, 394th BG, 9th AF) Collided with 43-34141 on takeoff at Orleans-Bricy airfield A-50, France Oct 8, 1944 and crashed. All six crew killed. Aircraft was destroyed.
    42-96272587BSBloody Mary
    1Lt Robert W Phinney Crew:
    Gunner and B/N - SSgt Brian Davies
    Radio/Waist Gunner - TSgt Frank Zatopek
    Tail Gunner - SSgt Dixie Wallace
    Engineer/Turret Gunner - TSgt Donald L Rilling
    Bloody Mary crashed landed on take off with Full Bomb load near Cambrai/A-74 France, Feb 02, 1945. All crew members survived the war
    42-96281587BS 5W-VRed Light Rosie

    1Lt. James V. Roy, Jr.Crew:
    Bombardier - Nicholas Buonasorte
    Gunner - John 'Scottie' McGibbon
    42-96287584BS K5-  Kirby 
    42-96290585BS 4T-XMy Princess Pat

    42-96292585BS Special Delivery
    1Lt Sam L RawlsPhoto courtesy of Don Enlow
    42-96294585BS Robert N Lee Crashed near Cambri/A-74 France, Jan. 13, 1945
    42-96300586BS H9-V 2Lt. Weldon J Babbin
    2Lt. Vincent Vollono
    Sgt. Louis Costa
    William Genders
    Sgt R L Barry
    Sgt Arleigh Terry
    MIA Jan 23, 1945
    Crashed at the village of VIVILLE near the city of Arlon (Belgium). Babbin, Vollone and Costa are buried at the American Cemetery of Luxemburg (Grand-Duchy of Luxemburg). The plane crashed at a place locally called "les quatre vents" (the four winds).
    42-96301584BS K5-J Victory Read II
    1Lt Douglas F Dahl 2Lt Charles Byrum
    TSgt Max Brown
    Cpl J F Schroeder

    EXPL 45-03-26 A-74
    42-96318584BS K5-Who Cares
    ClarkTo ASG 45-04
    Nose Art by Dick Ayers
    42-96319 Photo
    42-96323587BS 5W-FZombie
    42-96326584BS K5-UPhoto
    Raymond E Wise
    CRL 45-03-24 A-74
    42-96604    Curtiss C-46A-45-CU Commando
    42-96801584BS   Curtiss C-46A-45-CU Commando
    42-97039 Poontang
    1Lt Junior D. MurfieldNose Artist - Dick Ayers
    1Lt Kenneth Beeston - CoPilot
    1Lt Thomas Boston Cox - B/N
    TSgt Kenneth P Macia - Gunner
    SSgt Ralph A Higgins - Gunner
    586 BS
    Cessna UC-78A Bobcat
    42-107271584BS K5-   Wilberg Serial assigned to C-87
    42-107592584BS K5-T Stinky 1Lt Thomas PottsPlane was named for a pet goat.
    Mission 5-22-44 : Cormeilles en Vexin airfield
    Mission 6-6-44 : E of Mantes/Gassicourt RR Bridge
    Iced up and crashed into 42-96249. This happened over Battle, Sussex. Lt Thomas Potts bailed out and was the only survivor.
    1st Lt Christian Burger KIA
    1st Lt LeRoy Dyer KIA
    TSgt George Kyle KIA
    SSgt James Long KIA
    SSgt George Williams KIA
    42-107602584BS K5-  2Lt Stuart E FreemanCrew:
    CoPilot - 2Lt Encrico J Acampora
    B/N - 2Lt Eric E Hokans
    Gunner - SSgt Casey W Wilkins
    Gunner - Sgt Richard K Jacobs
    Gunner - PFC Samuel J Carmosina
    Crashlanding 44-04-13 after 7th mission, no casualties
    42-107604585BS 4T-RHome-Sick
    Capt Morris R WarfieldMission 4-24-44 : Berck sur Mere
    Mission 4-25-44 : Frevent
    TOA 44-08-07 Holmsey
    42-107609587BS 5W-RBooby Trap II
    2nd Lt Clyde E. Cassiday2nd Lt Clyde E. Cassiday ferry over in this plane
    42-107626585BS 4T-Q Lt J.C. PalmerTo 2nd TAD 44-08-27
    42-107628587BS 5W-QBlack Jack
    1Lt Reuben E. CorbinCrashed near Romily, France Dec 2, 1944
    The crew shown was Lt. Corbin's, who flew Black Jack on several missions. Black Jack was on three different planes. Once it bellied in near Cambrai, the second time was when Corbin was killed in it. The armorplate was retrieved both times and Black Jack was transferred. The third time was when Lane and Murphy were shot down over Germany on March 23, 1945. The entire crew lived and spent three months in a PW camp in eastern Germany.
    42-107633586BS H9-Q 2nd Lt John J. Reynolds Bombardier Lt Frank I. Yawitz was killed in ferry mission on Sept. 24, 1944.
    42-107667584BS K5-M  Karlberg
    Lt Stuart E. Freeman
    Jack Logan
    Shot down April 21, 1944. MACR 4219
    2nd Lt Enrico Acampora
    2nd Lt Eric Hokans
    SSgt Casey Wilkins
    PFC Samuel Carmosina
    Sgt Richard Jacobs was taken prisoner
    42-107682587BSHannibal Hoops2Lt. William R. NielsenCrew:
    2Lt. Donald B. Damer - CoPilot
    SSgt. Adam Toth
    Sgt. Jack King
    Sgt. Elmer Fellhauer - Waist Gunner
    SSgt. Grevaise F. Jarmer - Tail Gunner
    AAA June 13, 1944 MACR 6048
    Fellhauer and Jarmer survived as POWs and were liberated after the war. Toth was a POW, escaped the POW camp and survived to get home without re-capture. (by Patti Morris, step-daughter of Adam Toth) All others were KIA.
    Casualty Questionnaire
    42-107683585BS 4T-
    584BS K5-S
     Maj Kenneth WilhiteSent to Subdepot 44-04
    To 320 ASS 44-08-10
    Mission 4-12-44 : Dunkirk gun positions
    Mission 4-29-44 : Mantes/Gassicourt M/Y's
    Malcolm Enlow - turret gunner
    43-6720584BS 1Lt KinsellaSerial number assigned to P-51
    43-30384586BS H9-XSure, Go For The Dough  
    43-34115586BS Donald A ExcellCrashed near Cambri/A-74 France, Jan 25, 1945.
    43-34121585BS 4T-T
    43-34131586BS H9-I   
    43-34137584BS K5-M War Horse II

    LoganCrew Chief - TSgt. Chief Bolster
    43-34141584BS K5-H 2Lt. Charles H Kemnitz K5-H assigned to 584th Aug 8, 1944
    2Lt. Harvey Blacher - CoPilot
    2Lt. Alf Lundell - Bombardier
    SSgt. Charles Eylea - Engineer
    Sgt. Clement Eckes - Radioman
    Sgt. Pink Fultz, Jr. - Rear Gunner
    Collided with B-26F 42-16271 on takeoff at Orleans-Bricy airfield A-50 (France) Oct 8, 1944. All six crew killed. Aircraft was destroyed.
    43-34143587BS 5W-H Happy Pappy
    1Lt Moonover
    SSgt Carl V. Arnold - Radio Operator / Gunner
    43-34147584BS K5-  Glen P Oliver
    TACC 45-05-11 Y-55
    43-34161584BS K5-N DavisTACC 45-01-22 A-60
    (555th BS, 386th BG, 9th AF) in taxiing accident at Beaumont-sur-Oise airfield A-60, Persan, France Jul 22, 1945. All 6 crew survived, aircraft badly damaged, unknown if repaired.
    43-34164587BGThe Crusaders2Lt Andrew F Clark, Jr 
    43-34169585BS 4T-R  Transferred to 410BG 44-11-21
    (644th BS, 410th BG, 9th AF) in takeoff accident at Coulommiers/Voisins Airfield A-58, France Jan 25, 1945. All crew survived, but aircraft was destroyed.
    43-34184585BS 4T-   To 2nd TAD 44-08-27
    43-34189585BS 4T-S 1Lt Clarence KisselLAC 44-08-19 Shoreham, England
    (585th BS, 394th BG, 9th AF) in landing accident at RAF Shoreham, Sussex, England Aug 19, 1944. All six crew survived, aircraft badly damaged, unknown if repaired.
    43-34191586BS 4T-WGreat Speckled Boid
    2Lt Milton C Cross
    2Lt Marvin A Keller
    Bombardier: 2Lt Harry Douglas Kutz
    Tail Gunner: SSgt Michael G Pemberton
    Radioman/Waist Gunner: SSgt Raymond E Smith
    Engineer/Turret Gunner: Charles J Lucian
    43-34194584BS K5-SPhoto

    Capt Jerome Tosi 
    43-34199587BS 5W-W Booby Trap III
    Capt Lew MartinCrew:
    1Lt Earnest C Oz - CoPilot
    1Lt Albert A Mansour - Bombardier
    1Lt Carl F Junge - Navigator
    TSgt James P. 'Jimmy' Quinn - Waist Gunner
    Karl Frey
    Ass. 44-08-09
    43-34200585BS 4T-ASure Go For No Dough

    Capt John O'NeilCrew Chief:
    Hub Piper
    Assigned 44-08-05, Crashed near Cambri/A-74 France, Feb 10, 1945
    43-34203584BS K5- Lucky Star IISchmidt
    Col Thomas B Hall
    Fairchild PT-19A-FA
    TACC 45-05-02 Y-55
    43-34204584BS 4T-F 43-34204
    Capt O'Neil

    Capt. Lawrence R. Harper
    Killed as a result of being shot down 11/21/1944 while on a mission to Neuwid, Germany:
    Pilot - Capt Lawrence R. Harper - 'A' Flight Leader
    Co-pilot - 1Lt William Andrews
    Navigator - 1Lt Paul S. Stephens
    Bombardier - 1Lt James C. Harrison
    Engineer/Gunner - TSgt James P. Kelley, Jr
    2Lt Kenneth Wolf
    Radio/Gunner - TSgt Stuart Ottenheimer
    Tail Gunner - SSgt Ralph Pagano
    Grave Marker
    Survived, taken prisoner: Sgt Howard Mote
    Not on plane for this mission: Co-pilot - Lt H. I. Davis
    43-34207585BS 4T-B  Assigned 44-08-05
    43-34208584BS K5-W  Capt Martin HarterCrew:
    CoPilot - 2Lt Shaldon Spector (POW)
    B/N - 1Lt Robert Brugman
    B/N - 2Lt John Therkeldsen
    SSgt Joseph Stube - radio/gunner
    Engineer/Gunner - Sgt Harvey Johnson
    Armorer/Gunner - Sgt Neubern Atkinson
    Armorer/Gunner - TSgt Harold Brown
    Liaison Officer - Capt Nicholas Opalic
    Shot down by AAA 45-02-19 MACR 12505
    Target: Railroad Bridge at Neuwied, Germany
    (394th BG, 584th BS, 9th AF) shot down by AAA at Kyllburg, Germany Feb 19, 1945. MACR 12505. 5 crew killed, 4 bailed out. 2 of these became POW, one killed when parachute failed, and one was killed by German troops.
    43-34212586BS 1Lt Edward ThompsonCrew:
    2Lt William E Cook
    2Lt John Ford
    2Lt Ibin Gaj
    2Lt Milton Waters
    Cpl Jacob Arzowian
    2Lt Lawrence Brashear
    Cpl Horace Bunting
    Cpl Vincent Cherescvich
    Cpl Elmer Dash
    Cpl Samuel Devereux
    Crashed near Epinoy/A-75 France, Dec 18, 1944.
    *See 42-96207 - Mid-air collision
    (586th BS, 394th BG, 9th AF) collided in midair with B-26B 42-96207 over Cambrai/Epinoy Airfield A-75, France and crashed Dec 18, 1944. Unknown number of crew killed. Aircraft was destroyed.
    43-34213585BS 4T-C The Old Goat

    Lt. George C. PinyerdReturn from 320 ASS 44-08-15
    43-34214584BS K5-    
    43-34215585BS 4T-NShe's A Comin' I
    Capt Horace G Humphrey Crew Chief - TSgt Harold Mankins
    Ground Crew - Sgt A T Nestor
    Bad weather, CRL 44-12-02 - Brigny
    43-34217587BSCrash Report Assigned 44-08-06
    43-34219584BS K5-W Wingless Victory II
    Crew Chief: Sgt Joseph A Ganser
    Unpainted shiny aluminum. Replacement for Wingless Victory I
    To Sub depot45-02
    43-34220587BS I'll Get By

    I'll Get By
    Capt Charles G. 'Chuck' Fraser
    1Lt Dan 'Fat Man' Singleton
    CoPilot - 2Lt Thomas 'Short Boy' Leask
    Assigned 44-08-07
    43-34222587BS 5W-BThumper III  
    43-34228587BS 5W-C Black Jack II
    1Lt Reubin E. CorbinCrew:
    CoPilot - 1Lt Robert Irwin
    B/N - 1Lt William Connick
    B/N - 1Lt Anthony Rizzuto
    B/N - 1Lt Henry Walch
    Radio/Gunner SSgt Edgar Jolly
    Engr/Gunner SSgt Manetho Williams, Jr
    Armorer/Gunner SSgt Howard Draper
    Armorer/Gunner Sgt Daryl Wineteer
    MIDAIR 42-96044 45-02-25 A-74
    Collided with 42-96044 Feb. 25,1945 on mission to Vlotho Railway Bridge near Munster, Germany
    43-34231584BS K5- Firebird I2Lt Willis 'Bill' Huebner
    Capt Russial
    CoPilot: Marion L Lach
    B/N: Joseph Callegos
    Engr/Gunner Lyle K Patterson
    Radio/Gunner Arthur D Stephens
    Armorer/Gunner Edwin J Dingle, Jr

    Crew Chief: TSgt William J Mulligan
    CRL 44-12-27 A-74
    43-34252586BS H9-M   
    43-34255586BS H9-E   
    43-34265587BS 5W-  Hammer TOACC 44-07-15 - Roberts Fld
    43-34267584BS K5-U   
    43-34271584BS K5-V   
    43-34272587BS 5W-J   
    43-34281587BS 5W-    
    43-34282586BS H9-M   
    43-34286586BSHighwater IIICol. Joseph M. SilkCrew:
    1Lt Carson Copeland - Navigator
    Shot down by AAA Feb 14, 1945
    Crashed near city of Mons (Belgium)
    43-34289585BS 4T-    
    43-34292585BS 4T-U   
    43-34316584BS K5-  Maffry CRL 45-02-21 A-62
    43-34318586BS H9-R Who Cares
    Ref Mission 100 (MDE)
    43-34319586BS H9-TThe Jolly JestersLt Melvin ScurlockCrew:
    CoPilot - 2Lt Robert Ball
    B/N - 2Lt William Kiesecker
    Engineer/Gunner - SSgt Harry Paboojian
    Radio/Gunner - SSgt Walter Kuester
    Gunner - SSgt Hiram Tompkins
    43-34323584BS K5-F   
    43-34326584BS K5-U   
    43-34365585BS 4T-Q Passionate Witch

     From 320 ASS 28-08-44
    43-34366585BS  Leonard P Dickinson Crashed near Cambri/A-74 France, Jan 13, 1945.
    43-34373586BS 4T-F Not Named
    2Lt Charles A Lamb CoPilot - Dennis Underside
    TSgt Albert Palewicz
    43-34380585BS 4T-X War Horse
    1Lt. Jack L. LoganSgt Bernard Leroy Oligschlaeger - Radio/Gunner
    53 Missions
    Flew from 2/9/45 to VE Day
    43-34388586BS  37 Missions
    Flew from 2/9/45 to VE Day
    43-34413 Margie (Marie?)Capt. Schuler 
    43-34446587BS Verner P Knapp Crashed near Sandweiler/A-97 Luxembourg, Feb 02, 1945
    43-34456586BSMil Bi FeCapt Charles DeritisShot down by AAA Nov 18, 1944

    CoPilot - LtCol Clarence Howard
    B/N - Capt Frank Forrest
    B/N - 1Lt Guerino DelPesco
    Bombardier - 1Lt Gordon Boyle
    TSgt Wilbur Junkins
    TSgt Albert DiLuzio
    SSgt William Muller
    Sgt David Vreeland
    43-34460587BS  Crashed near Rheims Dec 2, 1944
    43-34552586BS Sky Witch
    1Lt. Arthur J. Artig 
    43-34562585BS 4T- The Old Goat
    1Lt. Robert F. ColemanCrew:
    CoPilot - 1Lt. Edward H. Adamowicz
    Navigator - F/O Paul Barnoskie
    Bombardier - 1Lt. Harold C. Blossman
    Radio/Gunner - TSgt. Edward J. Brennan
    Engineer/Gunner - TSgt. Norman O. Black
    Tail Gunner - SSgt. Paul L. McFarland
    Extra Gunner - TSgt. Karl T. Gilgen
    Shot down by fighters Feb 21, 1945 at Vragender (Lichtervorde NR)
    43-34571584BS K5-YRound Too!
      RAF Ser# HD633
    43-34823586BS 1Lt Francis KirbyFO Sol Hershkowitz
    2Lt Patrick Healy
    2Lt James Jones
    SSgt Dana Baker
    SSgt John McConville
    SSgt Floyd Sjolander
    Crashed stateside 43-07-12
    43-35397   Noorduyn UC-64A Norseman
    43-43317584BS 2Lt Eugene L KarlbergCrew:
    CoPilot - 2Lt Christian D Burger
    B/N - 2Lt John H Helms
    Engr/Gunner - Cpl Vern R Shelton
    Gunner - SSgt Michael Hruska
    Gunner - Sgt Harry E Green
    2Lt James C Harrison
    44-67808585BS 4T-OBetty Rose
    44-67812584BS K5-A Fragile Lass
    Richard BigelowCrew:
    CoPilot - Norman Weingart
    Engineer - William Jardine
    Crashed while landing at R-54 at Landsberg, Germany, Sept 11, 1945
    44-67818585BS 4T-? Robert S Richards Crashed near Cambri/1 1/2mi N A-74 France, Apr 06, 1945
    44-67822584BS K5-V   
    44-67825585BS 4T-K44-67825
    2Lt Ralph C GuisingerCrew:
    CoPilot - 2Lt Edward L Ryan
    B/N - FO William H Jenkins
    Engineer/Gunner - Sgt John B Humphrey
    Radio/Gunner - Sgt Kenneth D Ellis
    Armorer/Gunner - Sgt J W Sullivan

    Crashed near La Roche Belgium, Mar 25, 1945
    44-67835586BS H9-UThe Draggin Lady

    William 'Wild Bill' Drakes586 Bombardment Squadron
    41 Missions
    Flew 1/11/45 – VE Day
    Photo courtesy of B-26 Marauder Archive, Pima Air and Space Museum
    44-67882584BS K5-K Jay-Walking Molecule
    1Lt. Thomas Craddock Howard
    Herbert C. Ratcliffe
    CoPilot - Harold E Rogers
    B/N - Bob Davis
    Engineer/Gunner - Norman P Hogan
    Armorer/Gunner - Frank J Avec
    Radio/Gunner - John D Smith
    44-67893585BS 4T-
    587BS 5W-D
    584BS K5-
      MIA 45-03-22 NO MACR
    Unassigned 45-05
    44-67896587BS 5W-? Gerald E StapletonCrashed near Burtonwood/Sta 590 England, Dec 29, 1944
    44-67899585BS 4T-  Capt. Robert A. HaleCrew"
    CoPilot - 2Lt. Donald B. Woodworth
    Bombardier - Capt. Herbert P. Burnson
    Radio/Gunner - SSgt. Robert B. Finley
    Engineer/Gunner - SSgt. Guy Wiseman
    Tail Gunner - SSgt. Donald H. Trent
    Shot down by Luftwaffe Feb 21, 1945
    44-67901584BS K5-  Johnston 
    44-67903587BSBlack Jack III1Lt. Harry W. LaneCo-Pilot 1st Lt. Robert W. Phinney
    Navigator F/O - John Rakolta
    Gee Navigator - 1st Lt. Ward K. Zell
    Bombardier 1st Lt. Daniel B. Murphy
    Engineer/Gunner - Sgt. James W. Cox
    Radio/Gunner - Sgt. Bruce E. Riddle
    Tail Gunner - SSgt. Louis J. Jeffrey
    Shot down on the Ahaus mission
    AAA March 23, 1945 MACR 14040
    44-67925586BS H9-N Dratsab II
    Gill DobbsDelivered from the Martin Omaha factory, Nebraska to Hunter Field, Savannah, Georgia. Departed the USA from Morrison Field, West Palm Beach, Florida on 28th November 1944, flying the Southern Ferry Route. Flew 52 combat missions between 6th February 1945 and VE day. Salvaged (probably at Landsberg, Germany) during April 1946.

    Read the name backwards for meaning.
    44-67926584BS K5-   Unassigned 45-05
    44-67974585BS 4T-HSack Queen III
    44-67978585BS 4T-P   
    44-68065584BS K5-   Unassigned 45-05
    44-68068587BS 5W-O   
    44-68073587BS 5W-J  2Lt Charles E Crecelius 
    44-68074587BS 5W-F Zombie IV
     To ASG44-12 To Sub Depot 45-03
    Flew from 2/13/45 to VE Day
    44-68099584BS K5-   Unassigned 45-05
    44-68113587BS 5W-PIt Ain't Easy
    Jarrette R. SudduthJarrette Sudduth in It Ain't Easy, a plane which he flew "eight or ten missions".
    44-68118585BS 4T-E  TOAC 45-07-17 Hine Y-55
    44-68119585BS 4T-Z Unnamed
    44-68121584BS K5-  Zehring 
    44-68129586BS H9-JLi'l Lass
    Albert R. DannerCrew:
    Albert J Mann
    James L 'Jim' Rowles
    Engineer/Gunner - TSgt Robert C 'Bob' Johnson
    Gunner - David R Henley
    Gunner - Bob Comer
    Crew Chief - John J Skeris
    Asst Crew Chief - Anthoney J Virva
    Asst Crew Chief - Walter Bjoraker
    44-68132585BS Jack SpringgateSpringgate flew this B-26 from Hunter Field, Savannah, Georgia, to Cornwall, England via the southern route.
    CoPilot - F/O Westley E Shook
    Bombardier - Mastenbrock
    Navigator - Sundal
    Navigator - 1Lt ED Gielin
    Engineer - Cpl LH Holmes
    Radio Engineer - Cpl CS Ray
    Radio/Gunner - Stetson
    Engineer/Gunner - O'Neill
    Aerial Gunner - Bertaso
    44-68135585BS 4T-Y    
    44-68140584BS K5-? 1Lt John O'Neil Crashed near Cambrai/A-74 France, Mar 23, 1945
    44-68160586BS H9-C
    2Lt Edwin G TreuilCrew:
    CoPilot - 2Lt Joseph R Walsh
    B/N - FO Robert D Wilson
    Engr/Gunner - Sgt George E Wall
    Radio/Gunner - Sgt Ralph R Will, Jr
    Armorer/Gunner - Sgt Lester J Rasmusson
    Mission #268, April 19, 1945.
    Ulm Marshalling Yards Railway
    44-68161586BS H9-QSlow Starter II / Kathleen
    1Lt Mike Pinyard  
    44-68162587BS 5W-A   
    44-68169 Li'l LassAlbert R. Danner 
     586BSGood Pickins
     TSgt Ellis L Craft, Sgt Daris E Harris, Cpl John A Brindle, PFC A J Tillman
      Invadin' Maiden
    Lt PotterCrew:
    Gunner - George Judd
    Tail Gunner - John William White
       Miss America

       Old Hickory
     585BS The Ole Lady
    1Lt Horace G Humphrey, JrCrew:
    Gunner - TSgt Charles Kingan
    Gunner - TSgt Harold Pinson
    Gunner - SSgt Stephen Rusinbo
    The two objects below and in front of the wing are the standard 50 caliber "packaged guns" that were installed on both sides of the B-26.
       Sack Queen
    1Lt Clarence Kissel Jr 
      The Loveliness Of You
      Dawg Gonet
      Early Morning Scrub  
     585BSHell Cat Crew:
    Sgt Joseph A LeMoure
     587BS(The) Liberty RunCharles "Chris" CreceliusGround Crew: Sgt. Henry L. Reichert
      Little Pink Panties  
      Little Sue
      Mission Belle  
     586BSMorgan's Midgets 1Lt Harold W. (Bill) Morgan - Morgan was the tallest of the crew. He flew 45 missions by age 22.
      Pugnacious II
     587BSPugnacious III
      Sleepy Eye  
     586BSStar DusterRichard Davis 
      Tabu Lt Jack Hancock 
      Early Bird
      Wolf Pack II
      Wolfpack IV  
      Zombie II  
      Zombie III  
    291   Crew Chief: SSgt Harold Stanley

    Stateside Trainers